Guardium Enhances Support for Sybase Data Auditing and Vulnerability Assessment

Guardium, a database security company, has announced enhanced support for Sybase's enterprise data management platforms. Guardium provides fine-grained auditing, real-time monitoring and automated vulnerability assessment for Sybase's core Database Management System (DBMS) platforms, including: Sybase ASE 15, for high-performance, mission-critical applications, and Sybase IQ, a column-based analytics server, for business reporting and analytics requirements. Support for Sybase IQ 12 is currently shipping in Guardium 7, with support for Sybase IQ 15 available in Guardium's next major release.

With this announcement Guardium is announcing further support for current and future Sybase platforms with full coverage of their products, Upesh Patel, vice president of business development, Guardium, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "We are providing the entire gamut of all of our comprehensive product suite for the Sybase platforms and Sybase is now recommending to its customers that Guardium is the choice for a database auditing and database security solution."

Guardium's scalable platform uses centralized, cross-DBMS policies to immediately identify unauthorized or suspicious activities in real-time, without relying on database-resident logs that add overhead and can easily be disabled or modified by privileged users, and thereby enforcing separation of duties.

"Our customers in industries such as finance, government and telecommunications safeguard some of the world's most critical data," notes Brian Vink, vice president, database product marketing, Sybase. "The combination of Guardium's security and auditing solution with our industry-leading database and analytics platform empowers customers with real-time protection of high-performance, mission-critical applications and streamlined compliance processes."

In addition to providing automated detective controls and compliance reporting for SOX, PCI and data protection laws, Guardium 7 offers S-GATE, a cross-DBMS solution for blocking administrators (such as outsourced DBAs and developers) from viewing or changing sensitive data. Guardium 7 allows organizations to protect against data leakage by looking for unauthorized queries as well as sensitive data in query results. Guardium 7 monitors traffic both to and from DBMS servers, allowing organizations to immediately identify a query that returns thousands of credit card numbers or sensitive VIP data, for example, thereby deviating from normal operations. Guardium 7 also helps companiesh ensure data governance by preventing unauthorized changes to critical data values or database structures. Guardium also reduces IT costs by integrating with existing change ticketing systems, such as BMC Remedy and HP ServiceDesk, for automated change reconciliation.

Guardium‘s scalable enterprise platform streamlines operations with a single unified set of security policies for all major DBMS platforms-including Sybase ASE and IQ, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Informix, MySQL and Teradata-without impacting performance or requiring changes to databases or applications.

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