Guardium Integrates Enterprise Database Security with Microsoft Forefront

Guardium, a provider of database security solutions, has announced that it has joined the partner ecosystem supporting Microsoft Forefront. Currently in public beta testing, Forefront is an integrated security suite that delivers comprehensive protection across endpoint, application servers and edge solutions with a central management console for easy administration and enterprise-wide multi product visibility. Forefront enables software, hardware, and services vendors to share and use security event information across its environment and the broader partner ecosystem. As a result, partners can enhance the effectiveness of their security technologies and better protect customer IT environments.

Guardium is adding technology to the Forefront Suite that provides database security for heterogeneous DBMS environments. Guardium's enterprise security and monitoring platform safeguards critical data by protecting against both insider threats and external attacks such as SQL injection, while providing centralized and automated controls that deliver reduced costs and rapid ROI. Guardium's integration with Forefront provides organizations with enterprise-wide visibility into who is accessing their critical enterprise data, how that data is being used and any security violations such as failed logins and database configuration changes. It allows the sharing of Guardium's real-time alerts and granular analysis at the database and application layer with security information from other systems.

Phil Neray, vice president of security strategy at Guardium, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "our software monitors database transactions in real-time and protects them from both internal and external threats. Some of our other key differentiating capabilities are our broad support for heterogeneous databases, high scalability, and the ability to both monitor and prevent suspicious transactions. The prevention capability can be enabled to block transactions that people have initiated if certain pre-defined warning criteria within the transactions are met."

In a related announcement, Guardium also informed the marketplace that it now provides support for the latest versions of IBM DB2 and Informix databases, as well as support for DB2 on the iSeries servers for the first time. For more information on Guardium, go here.