HCL Technologies and Sybase Address BI and Analytics Challenges of the Real Time Enterprise

Sybase and HCL Technologies Ltd., a global IT services provider, have formed a strategic alliance to provide customers with real time operational business intelligence. Under this new partnership, HCL will provide business-aligned IT value services around Sybase's high performance and proven data warehouse and analytics platform for improved efficiencies and decision-making across all facets of an enterprise.

The global partnership will combine HCL's IT services with Sybase RAP and Sybase IQ to extract real-time data from multiple sources on the fly and transform data into actionable business intelligence. The HCL-Sybase partnership will initially focus on the financial services industry, which includes capital, retail, wholesale, and insurance market segments, with the expectation of expanding into related industries.

"HCL is a very large Indian IT service company that is not as well known as some of the big three, but they are certainly large, and have a global presence and play in a number of industry verticals," Domenic Iannaccone, director business development for Sybase Financial Services, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

"Sybase's initial conversations with them are focused in financial services, particularly capital markets, insurance, retail and in commercial banking. What we liked about HCL and why we became partners is that they can leverage what they have learned through utilizing our technology in the one vertical and move it or even help bring us into some of the other verticals. It is a broad play, but initially focused, and then as knowledge is transferred, they can utilize this across all of their practices."

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