HOSTING Acquires DBA On-Demand Services Provider Ntirety

HOSTING, a Denver-based managed cloud hosting provider, has acquired Ntirety, a provider of remote DBA, data consulting, and DBA on-demand services for Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL. The terms of the agreement between the privately held companies have not been disclosed.

HOSTING builds and maintains high performance clouds for mission critical applications, Headquartered in Denver, HOSTING has global 3,000 customers out of six geographically dispersed data centers.

With the acquisition, said Ntirety founder Michael Corey, the Dedham-based company becomes a division of HOSTING, with Corey as president of the division. For HOSTING, the purchase was strategic since Ntirety adds in-house database expertise to HOSTING, which it did not have previously, to the company, said Corey. In addition, he added, HOSTING will be investing in additional development for the Ntirety Ntrust Appliance.

According to Ntirety, its customers have requested additional serices including OS level support for UNIX, Linux and Windows, as well as an Ntirety-managed data center that could house their databases, and cloud-based database services. Now, with the additional resources provided by HOSTING, Ntirety will be able to extend its offerings.

With the acquisition, Ntirety customers will be able to leverage HOSTING’s suite of managed cloud hosting services, and HOSTING customers will benefit from Ntirety’s Oracle, SQL Server and MYSQL database administration services.

Both organizations will both be retaining their current brand identities and staffing.rganizations will both be retaining their current brand identities and staffing.