HP Announces Next Version of SOA Governance Platform

HP has announced the next version of its HP SOA Systinet governance platform, which adds new features such as personalized user experience, user-defined repository partitions, and multi-level application visualization capabilities. SOA Systinet 4.0 also adds support for multiple application components.

"In the past, we'd have a ton of data and information available for you, but you almost had to be a UDDI expert to understand what to do with it," Kelly Emo, SOA product manager for HP, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "We've taken it light years away from that. It's a very simplified GUI."

HP SOA Systinet now provides a visual representation of the entire lifecycle governing the design, development, and readiness-of a service or application component. Governance lifecycle stages can be individually edited on the fly, viewed at a glance, managed as a workflow, and edited. "SOA has really become a part of the whole process of modernizing applications," Emo says. "What you can do now is view your application architecture at multiple levels. You can look at it hierarchical, you can look at it from a dependency perspective, and you can separate it at different tiers, so you can have a business process view, or you can have lower-level services view."

SOA Systinet also now provides a simpler user experience, with new customization capabilities that can be performed on the fly, including expanded search capabilities and dynamic, role-based perspectives. The new release also provides user-defined logical partitions with unique privileges and access rights to access their role-based relevant information contained in the repository. This allows fine-grained control over who can modify services and applications and the portfolio of applications that can be exposed for reuse by other organizations.

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