HP Helps Enterprises Optimize Customer Experience with Social Intelligence

HP Enterprise Services announced the HP Social Intelligence Solution, which it says enables clients to exploit human information - social media and unstructured data - to optimize customer experiences, manage brand reputation, empower resources and drive innovation.

"Social media channels and mobile technologies have fundamentally changed consumer behavior. People are sharing their opinions and thoughts all the time through many different public channels. As a result, the customer information traditionally collected now represents only a small proportion of what is available. Many large companies are now reaching a level of maturity in their use of social media so that they are ready to combine that data with their traditional data to generate new, more useful insights about how to serve and interact with customers," Val Logan, strategy & global practices leader, Enterprise Information Solutions, HP, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

"At the same time," Logan notes, "new, more advanced technologies and platforms are available that make it possible for companies to manage and analyze this "big data" in real time or near real time. By combining all of the relevant data available and leveraging these new technologies to do it, enterprises can drive significant competitive advantage in attracting and retaining loyal customers."

The new HP Social Intelligence Solution leverages social media data to enhance visibility into customers' actions for better insight, foresight and customer advocacy. Monitoring and managing market sentiments, perceptions and trends enables clients to win, keep and grow high-valued customers. Additionally, organizations can use it to proactively protect and enhance brand reputation.

According to HP, by taking advantage of the data generated by social communities, front-line workers can respond to customers with relevant offers and deliver prompt, accurate service. In addition, the collective intelligence offered through internal and external social networks also provides product development insight that enables them to accelerate market adoption and speed time to market.

"The information explosion created by social media and ‘big data' creates a complex information challenge. Companies have an endless supply of social media tools and information at their disposal, but don't yet know how to manage and exploit it to generate sustainable value," says Logan, explaining the need for the solution.  "This data is diverse, mostly unstructured (which traditional BI systems are not designed to handle) and there are exabytes of it flowing into the enterprise. This is a very complex information challenge."

The new HP Social Intelligence Solution leverages social media data to help organizations enhance customer advocacy by monitoring and responding to customer sentiment and by understanding their social activity and influence, as well as proactively protect and enhance brand reputation by monitoring and managing market sentiments, perceptions and trends.

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