HP Introduces Free, Open Source Predictive Analytics Software

HP has introduced a new offering called HP Haven Predictive Analytics, powered by HP Vertica and Distributed R, to accelerate and operationalize large-scale machine learning and statistical analysis.

According to HP the new release, which leverages, the company’s Distributed R offering, improves performance while also enabling users to analyze larger data sets than was possible before with the R statistical programming language. The goal with the new release is to help organizations access the untapped value of big data with scalable predictive analytics to address a range of use cases, such as customer acquisition and retention, fraud detection, and  predictive maintenance, said Shilpa Lawande, GM Platform, HP Software Big Data Business Unit.

Available now at, Haven Predictive Analytics includes Distributed R, a high performance analytical engine based on the open source R language; native integration with HP Vertica, a columnar MPP database; and out-of-the-box parallel algorithms that, the compmany says, produce results consistent with mature standard R algorithms.

HP Haven Predictive Analytics is free, open source software and will be backed by optional services provided by HP global enterprise support. More information about HP Haven Predictive Analytics is available at

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