HP Introduces New Version of HP Vertica Analytics Platform

HP has announced HP Vertica Crane, the seventh version of the HP Vertica Analytics Platform. The latest release enables organizations to accelerate business value from an expanded variety of data. HP Vertica Crane simplifies exploration and analysis of emerging data types, improves Hadoop integration, and enhances security.

Vertica Crane “is refined, extended and improved in many different ways but we also have some revolutionary things in the product,” said Chris Selland, vice president of marketing at HP. “Most notably, we have extended the value proposition of the Vertica Platform beyond structured data.”

HP has created new capabilities through a featured called Flex Tables. With Flex Tables, HP introduces an additional product called Flex Zone, enabling organizations to explore a broader array of data with Vertica. “It’s really a bridge to the world of semi-structured and unstructured data and it just makes things much faster and easier,” explained Selland.

HP Vertica Crane offers auto-schematization and one-click schema capabilities. The auto-schematization takes away the need for coding-intensive schemas to be defined or applied before the data is loaded for exploration while the one-click schema capabilities allow schemas to be created and applied as needed for high-performance analytics.

The HP Vertica Analytics Platform supports industry-standard business intelligence and visualization tools and now supports Java. The seventh new version of HP Vertica Analytics Platform will be available worldwide in December. For information on HP Vertica Crane, visit