HP Launches New StoreEver Storage Portfolio

HP introduced the new HP StoreEver Storage tape portfolio featuring sixth-generation Linear Tape-open (LTO-6) technology that the company says delivers twice the capacity and 44% faster performance than LTO-5 in the same footprint.

HP StoreEver Storage integrates HP's tape products and technologies with HP Converged Storage, HP Data Protector and third-party backup software. According to HP, this integration, coupled with new LTO-6 capabilities, enables HP StoreEver Storage to deliver reliable long-term data protection and retention in a format that meets the needs of nearly any environment.

The HP StoreEver Storage portfolio supports tape media, standalone tape drives and tape libraries to accommodate more than 44 petabytes (PB) of data in a single system. HP StoreEver libraries feature removable drives and media for flexible capacity, enabling clients to support the scalability requirements of their digital archives.

“For cloud applications and disaster recovery, HP StoreEver tape provides off-line data protection and the last line of defense versus virus attacks, natural disasters or data corruption.  For tiered storage and backup and recovery, HP StoreEver tape can help optimize price/performance by moving data that does not require fast access onto the lowest cost tape tier,” Simon Watkins, worldwide StoreEver tape product marketing manager, HP Storage, tells 5 Minute Briefing.  “But a key usage model for HP StoreEver Tape now and in future - enabled by the HP StoreOpen Linear Tape File System - is digital archive and compliance for which HP StoreEver Tape offers the lowest cost solution for long-term data retention and reliable retrieval.”

HP StoreEver Storage provides improved longevity for data held offline by leveraging LTO-6 tape media cartridges that offer a shelf life of up to 30 years. To reduce the risk of media failure, HP has increased tape media durability and extended tape-head life by moving beyond the LTO-6 standard with innovations that reduce wear and enhance performance through the use of a larger roller diameter and a dynamic tape lifter that minimizes unnecessary drag; improve reliability and performance with HP's data-rate matching algorithm, which continuously adjusts the tape drive speed with the data stream coming from the host; address issues proactively with HP StoreEver TapeAssure technology, which monitors tape drives, libraries and media to ensure that each element of the tape infrastructure is optimized for reliable writing and reading of data; and  enhance media durability with HP's proprietary fabrication process that coats the tape head with a protective layer. 

When paired with HP StoreOnce Backup for information protection or HP StoreAll Storage for information retention, HP StoreEver enables clients to reduce risk by placing data on offline, portable media so it is firewalled from online threats such as viruses. Further strengthening security, HP StoreEver Storage features both hardware-based data encryption and write once, read many (WORM) protection to prevent accidental overwrites.

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