HP Seeks to Mobilize and Socialize Enterprise IT

HP has announced a new line of Application Transformation solutions that target the need to integrate consumer-led technologies into enterprise systems. The expanded portfolio is intended to help clients to design, build and manage applications that support consumer-driven solutions entering the enterprise realm, including smartphones, mobile applications, and social networking platforms.

"Modern enterprise applications require a different approach to design and testing than traditional applications," says Jonathan Rende, vice president and general manager for application transformation solutions at HP. "We want to ensure that enterprise applications provide the highest level of quality, availability and scalability while elevating the user experience to an entirely new level."

The new offerings include an enhanced version of HP Application Lifecycle Intelligence (ALI), intended to improve collaboration among application delivery teams by offering real-time visibility and traceability of activities across the application life cycle.

In addition, as part of HP's IT Performance Suite, HP and Perfecto Mobile, a provider of cloud-based testing and automation solutions, have extended HP Unified Functional Testing to support multifunctional applications by enabling developers to emulate and test the user experience of mobile applications across devices and networks.

Another new offering, HP Anywhere, is a set of mobile-based applications that perform operations such as portfolio request management, defect tracking, service health monitoring and the composition of an executive scorecard.

The HP Mobile Application Services portfolio now includes HP Testing for Mobility Services, designed to help reduce test cycles and automate testing across multiple devices with solutions from HP Software and Perfecto Mobile.

Another new offering, HP Enterprise Mobility Services for SAP Applications, enables mobile users to obtain data from mission-critical SAP applications. By extending its mobile solutions to the SAP Net Weaver technology platform and the Sybase Unfired Platform, HP now offers an end-to-end enterprise mobile solution that enables clients to access key enterprise information.

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