HP Set to Open Software-Defined Networking App Store

HP says it will soon be opening a software-defined networking (SDN) App Store, intended to support innovation within enterprises. The HP SDN App Store is intended to provide HP’s partners a platform together with consulting and support services that will enable customers to uncover the business value of SDN. The HP SDN App Store will be generally available on Oct. 1.

The HP SDN Application Store offers independent software vendors a way to bring creative solutions to market, enabling IT managers who embrace SDN architecture to solve their unique network challenges through these applications, the vendor said.

“Our customers are eager to transform their network architecture into a competitive advantage, and SDN applications make that possible,” said

Antonio Neri, senior vice president and general manager for servers and

Networking at HP. “With the HP SDN App Store, we have completed the final piece of the SDN ecosystem by offering a vibrant, robust marketplace of innovations that supports more than 5 million users and provides support to customers as they migrate to SDN.”

HP’s SDN include the HP Virtual Application Networks (VAN) SDN Controller and HP SDN Software Development Kit.

To help customers easily navigate the HP SDN App Store, HP will offer four different categories of applications defined by their support and

test process: The HP Circle, with applications built and tested exclusively by HP; The Premium Circle, containing applications that are top sellers and jointly tested by HP and its partners; The Partner Circle, encompassing applications that have been self-tested by HP partners and reviewed by HP; and The Community Circle, offering open-access and community-supported applications to demonstrate open source and concept SDN applications.

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