HP Unveils 'Flexible' Data Center

HP announced its Flexible Data Center (HP Flexible DC), a prefabricated, modular framework built to replace traditional data center designs with a more agile solution that can be expanded as needed while conserving resources.

HP Flexible DC is based on a "butterfly" design featuring four prefabricated quadrants, or modules, that stem off a central administrative section. The offering uses industrial components to improve cost efficiencies as well as a streamlined building process with a variety of options for power and cooling distribution.

"HP can help clients innovate the way they build and operate a greenfield data center for greater savings over its life span," says Kfir Godrich, chief technology officer of technology services at HP. Likely adopters of the offering include financial service providers, government entities, and cloud and co-location hosts, Godrich adds.

In addition, HP says it is offering specific configurations designed to optimize the use of power and cooling resources to lower energy and water use. The data center will employ air-cooled, rather than water-cooled, mechanical systems, to potentially save clients power and potentially millions of gallons of water annually.

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