HP Unveils New Thin Client Computing Solutions

Expanding the application of thin clients in new computing environments, HP introduced new thin computing solutions to provide simpler computing experiences for business and education, as well as integrated client virtualization solutions that extend the power of the data center to the desktop.

The offerings include HP thin client platforms designed to optimize the end-user experience for client virtualization; HP client virtualization solutions that provide a high-quality user experience and increased scalability and reliability in a secure environment; and HP MultiSeat solution that can double computing seats without expanding IT budgets for smaller computing environments, with simple set up and low energy use.

The solutions are being introduced at a market inflection point around IT and around client solutions right now, Tad Bodeman, director of the Thin Client Computing Solutions Americas for HP's Personal Systems Group, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Many customers have put off PC investments for a variety of reasons, but with the Windows 7 technology coming to market and the economy beginning to improve a bit, they are now starting to consider investing in IT in 2010.

And, says Bodeman, as they consider new investments in IT, "They are really looking at some of the things that have changed that are going to drive their requirements." These changes include the fact that IT departments increasingly need to support offshore workers as well as employees working from home and at the same time those new work models and work trends are creating pressure around security, intellectual property protection, and regulatory compliance issues. "They are looking for smarter, lower cost ways of supporting PC users today," he explains.

"The other piece of it is the thin computing and client virtualization ecosystem and technology is really maturing to the point where they are becoming increasingly easy to deploy and really hitting the pain points in terms of delivering a PC experience that is secure, drives operational efficiencies, improves costs, drives energy savings across the enterprise so that they can address some of these changing needs simply and easily," adds Bodeman.

The new thin client solutions include the HP t5740 and HP t5745 Flexible Series Thin Clients and the HP t5325 Essential Series Thin Client.

All new HP Thin Clients now include intuitive setup tools that streamline configuration and management into a short series of easy-to-follow steps. The ThinPro Setup Wizard for Linux and HP Easy Config for Microsoft Windows help customers quickly choose the right configurations for their virtual environment in just a few clicks. In addition, HP thin clients also include on-board utilities that automate deployment of new connections, properties, low-bandwidth add-ons and image updates from one centralized repository to thousands of thin clients.

Additionally, HP is extending the power of its Converged Infrastructure strategy to help customers accelerate the delivery of client virtualization with solutions that combine servers, storage, software and thin clients, along with services and support.

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