HP Vertica “Excavator” Expands Big Data Capabilities

HP is enhancing its Vertica platform to allow organizations to quickly ingest and analyze high-speed streaming data from various sources, including IoT applications. The new version of Vertica, dubbed “Excavator,” is integrated with Apache Kafka to allow organizations to analyze volumes of data in real time.

“In today’s fast-paced business environment, decision makers increasingly need data in real time. This data enables them to extract strategic opportunities and eliminate blind spots,” said Shilpa Lawande, vice president and general manager HP Big Data Platform Software. 

Additionally, the company says, Excavator continues HP’s commitment to open source platforms by working collaboratively with Hortonworks to develop a new high-performance access layer that enables SQL queries to run directly on ORCFiles. 

Because of this update, organizations may see up to 10x the performance improvements in a diverse set of use cases, over traditional Hadoop-based solutions, according to HP.

“This latest release of HP Vertica embraces and extends open source technologies, such as Hadoop, while simplifying and accelerating data steaming ingestion, enabling organizations to harness 100% of their data to improve business outcomes.” Lawande said.

Other features include machine data log text search, HP Vertica flex table library, enhanced SQL analytic functions, improved manageability, enhanced security, and enhanced third-party cloud interoperability.

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