HP and Informatica Expand Alliance for Data Management Solutions

HP and Informatica have announced a new portfolio of integrated business intelligence solutions that combine Informatica's data integration capabilities with the HP Neoview enterprise data warehouse platform as well as HP's business intelligence strategic consulting and implementation services. HP plans to sell these offerings through its Business Intelligence Solutions sales teams.

"HP is embedding the complete Informatica PowerCenter data integration platform with all options into numerous solution sets that HP will sell through its direct sales force," Giuliano DiVitantonio, director of marketing and alliances for HP business intelligence solutions, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "One of the biggest challenges to successful business intelligence implementations is getting all relevant data cleansed and integrated into a data warehouse for reporting and analysis. To this end, HP is combining its data integration consulting expertise and Neoview enterprise data warehouse with Informatica's data integration platform to offer complete data integration and data management solution sets."

The portfolio of integrated data management solutions includes HP Neoview with the Informatica Data Integration Platform (which provides customers with a consistent view of their business data and allows different stake holders within a business ecosystem-business analysts, call center agents-to do analysis in their own context and make decisions with timely data), HP Master Data Management Services with the Informatica Data Integration Platform (which provides a more holistic and accurate view across various sources of an organizations core business entities, such as a customer or a product, and also improves efficiency of collaboration with partners in the supply chain), and HP Information Quality Management Services with the Informatica Data Integration Platform (which gives customers the confidence to go beyond data access and report generation to leverage information for high quality, actionable business and financial decisions).

DiVitantonio also tells 5 Minute Briefing that "expertise in data integration is one of the core strengths of HP's global business intelligence consulting practice and includes strategic consulting, architecture design, and systems implementation. This formal partnership with Informatica is a first step in expanding that strength with a leading data integration software platform, and will be expanded with additional offerings in the future."

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