HPE Releases Updates to Strengthen Security Platforms

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) revealed several new solutions designed to strengthen the approach to intelligent security operations, DevOps, and data protection.

According to the company, the new tools aims to redefine security analytics, application security, and data security and combine power and flexibility with ease-of-use.

HPE introduced the HPE ArcSight Data Platform to lay the foundation for combating the growing security challenges that security operations face in detecting and responding to cyber threats.

“We’re providing visibility without boundaries,” said Mark Alba, senior director of product marketing for HP Security. “In an intelligent security operations environment, customers need to have access to all types of data in order to establish their security posture, understand what’s happening within their environment, and be able to make real-time, fast decisions on how to remediate potential breaches and protect against them.”

The latest update, HPE ADP 2.0, delivers faster search and provides a centralized Event Broker that ingests one million events per second, improving the speed, scalability, and security visibility of big data management across IT, operational technology, IoT and physical inputs.

The solution provides actionable insights based on both real-time correlation and machine learning, and was built with open architecture that seamlessly connects to any third party application.

The HPE Fortify Ecosystem and Fortify on Demand continuous application monitoring service help organizations create secure applications that integrate security testing processes and resources into the fast-paced software development lifecycle.

The HPE Fortify Ecosystem features integrated systems spanning 10 distinct DevOps functional categories including Cloud, Containers, and Open Source, as well as more than 20 partners including Microsoft, Docker, and Chef, allowing organizations to intuitively test and secure applications during development.

And continuing the security announcements, the integration between HPE SecureData and HPE Atalla HSM will provide customers with a cohesive end-to-end data security approach to protect their most sensitive data.

These two solutions deliver a comprehensive data security approach that pairs Hyper Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE) and Hyper Secure Stateless Tokenization technologies with cryptography and key management.

“It offers customers the ability to have a streamlined, end-to-end, data protection solution that really allows them to configure all of your security parameters from the HPE Security console,” said Trish Reilly, product marketing manager for HPE security, data security.

With the way the products work and build upon each other it allows organizations to continually be mobile, move, and adjust as they see different things coming into play into their environments, Reilly said.

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