HPE Updates its Security Suite with New Features that Boost Protection of Digital Environments

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Software is launching the latest version of its Adaptive Backup and Recovery (ABR) Suite with new features that help customers secure their digital environments.

“It’s all focused around delivering a highly intelligent backup and recovery experience that’s underpinned by operational analytics and visibility into the infrastructure to help customers, partners improve and operate backup and recovery in the enterprise,” said Stephen Spellicy, vice president of product management (IM&G) at HPE.

The ABR Suite combines HPE Data Protector, HPE Backup Navigator, and HPE Storage Optimizer to deliver a centralized, integrated, and streamlined approach to backup and recovery that reduces complexity and automates processes.

The new features include a more intuitive user interface, enhanced always-on security capabilities including rest APIs, and advanced automation.

Other new features in the ABR Suite include HPE Data Protector 10.00; new security features such as port consolidation, secure peering, and push installations; HPE Backup Navigator 9.60; and Storage Optimizer 5.50.

In the future the company will look to continue its advancements of its user interface for Data Protector along with taking advantage of new API infrastructure to improve aspects of automaton in the data center, according to Spellicy.

“You want to integrate in and automate those functions so you can optimize how you operate backup and recovery,” Spellicy said. “We’ll continue to build on that in the future.”

The company also hopes to build more connectivity and continuity between Data Protector and VM Explorer to provide a single user experience for customers.

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