HYCU and Wasabi Technologies Partner to Fight Ransomware

HYCU, Inc., an enterprise backup as a service (BaaS) company specializing in hybrid and multi-cloud data protection as a service, and Wasabi Technologies, the hot cloud storage company, are forming a new strategic relationship to combat the rise of ransomware attacks.

Combined with HYCU, customers can protect their applications and achieve rapid, application centric recovery to avoid costly egress charges, according to Wasabi.

“With an attack happening on average every 11 seconds, and organizations facing downtime of up to 16 days, IT companies need to be all-in on helping to eliminate ransomware,” said Simon Taylor, founder and CEO, HYCU, Inc. “At HYCU, we fundamentally believe that this means doing everything you can to help our customers and future customers not only be ready in the inevitable event of an attack, but to make sure their data is safe and easy to recover. Our new partnership with Wasabi Technologies gives customers an enormous advantage with a cost-effective solution that combines the simplicity of SaaS and the flexibility that comes with object-level immutability, without compromising backup integrity.”

HYCU delivers impact-free, agentless BaaS with rapid recovery and application consistency; while Wasabi hot cloud storage provides simple and transparent pricing at 1/5th the cost of hyperscalers with no complex tiering.

HYCU combined with Wasabi means customers are able to protect their critical data and test ransomware recoveries without any API or egress charges leading to a significantly lower TCO, according to the vendors.

“More and more, customers are looking to build a high-performing, secure data management strategy that covers data protection and recovery while avoiding the unnecessary cost of the larger cloud hyperscalers,” said David Friend, co-founder and CEO of Wasabi Technologies. “Our work with HYCU is emblematic of ways to mitigate even potential ransomware attacks by eliminating fees for egress, API requests and vendor lock-in so companies can secure and affordably store all of their data and access it when they need it most.”

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