Habu and Microsoft Azure Collaborate to Provide Zero-Trust Data Clean Room Solutions

Habu, a global provider of data clean room software, is partnering with Microsoft Azure to integrate its Data Clean Room applications with Azure confidential computing. The move will enable businesses to unlock insights from sensitive data without sacrificing security, privacy, or performance, according to the companies.

“Microsoft is a leader in confidential computing and Habu and Microsoft, together, offer a tightly integrated solution that empowers companies to securely unlock collaborative intelligence across decentralized data,” said Matt Kilmartin, co-founder and CEO of Habu. “We're proud to be at the forefront of this innovation with Microsoft and are committed to supporting our customers in their journey to protect and analyze their most valuable information.”

The combination of the Habu and Azure technologies can deliver a highly secure environment for multiple parties to work with sensitive data, helping ensure confidentiality and protection while enabling customers to share data between partners without revealing any sensitive information, according to the vendors.

With this relationship, Habu’s fully interoperable hybrid clean room pattern has been upgraded to support Azure confidential computing. Collaboration partners can now participate in cross-cloud, cross-region data sharing with protection against unauthorized access to data across partners, cloud providers, and even Habu.

With the added protection of confidential computing and secure key release, Habu customers can perform complex data analysis and machine learning tasks without compromising data security.

Key features of the solution ensure:

  • Data is fully protected and encrypted from end-to-end: at rest (using AES or RSA), in transit (using TLS), and in use (with confidential computing).
  • Data is safeguarded using the customer's data encryption key (DEK) and key encryption key (KEK), further enhancing security and privacy throughout the collaboration process.
  • An extra layer of security with a secure key release (SKR) through either Azure Key Vault (AKV) or Azure Managed Hardware Security Module (mHSM) and Microsoft Azure Attestation (MAA), allowing customers to safely store and manage cryptographic keys, certificates, and other secrets used for encryption and authentication.

Habu’s platform is designed for high-performance computing while maintaining the highest confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data. This is particularly beneficial for organizations that handle large volumes of confidential information and need secure computing environments for effective analysis, according to the vendors.

This collaboration also allows Habu’s innovative CleanCompute capabilities to run on Azure confidential computing, providing a secure environment to run any containerized code for machine learning model training and inference.

"Data cleanrooms running on confidential computing infrastructure are an important requirement for customers with sensitive data, such as those in regulated industries,” said Vikas Bhatia, head of product, Azure confidential computing, at Microsoft. “Our collaboration with Habu will help customers achieve their data privacy needs while running in Habu clean rooms on Microsoft Azure confidential computing."

Habu is a pioneer in creating data clean room software designed to make data collaboration safe and easy. The solution embraces the dual requirements of flexibility, multi-cloud infrastructure and automated intelligence and provides end-to-end applications that drive the business outcomes that companies desire, according to the companies.

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