Hadapt and Cloudera Deliver Big Data Analytics with Apache Hadoop

Hadapt, which provides a big data platform for natively integrating Apache Hadoop and a relational DBMS, and Cloudera, a provider of Apache Hadoop-based data management software, services and training, have announced the integration of Hadapt's Adaptive Analytical Platform with Cloudera Manager and Cloudera's Distribution Including Apache Hadoop (CDH). 

"Organizations are looking to capitalize on the big data phenomenon and make business decisions via 'multi-structured' data analysis. Hadapt runs on top of the Hadoop market leader, Cloudera, to provide an integrated analytical offering that delivers greater insights and unparalleled performance," says Hadapt CEO Justin Borgman. "CDH and Cloudera Manager are widely adopted by our customers, and our partnership with Cloudera ensures our joint customers have the necessary support as they adopt Hadapt's analytics platform for structured and unstructured data." 

According to Hadapt, its Adaptive Analytical Platform is built entirely on Hadoop, and enables analytical workloads across massive sets of multi-structured data. The company says that the product's architecture combines the scalability, fault-tolerance, and load-balancing of Hadoop with the native SQL support and fast query performance of a relational database, permitting rapid analytics at very large scale. "We think that anyone who is using Hadoop today can benefit from using Hadapt - to be  able to bring SQL to Hadoop and to be able to work with BI tools that you already have," Borgman tells 5 Minute Briefing.

The solution is targeted at both data scientists that now work with both structured and unstructured data and also at business analysts who are accustomed to using SQL as a language as well as various BI tools, Borgman notes. "We are basically making Hadoop work with your existing skills set and existing infrastructure that you have already invested in." For example, he says, "If you want to use Tableau or MicroStrategy on your existing Hadoop cluster today that is very challenging, but with Hadapt you can do that."

While emphasizing that "it certainly is a platform technology," Borgman says that certain use cases stand out. There has been particular interest in using the technology to work with data to better understand customers by tying together multiple data sources. By combining click stream data, point-of-sale transactional data, and marketing data, organizations can better predict customers' behavior, and better market to and cross-sell them, he notes. And, there has also been interest in using the technology for document retrieval for compliance purposes.

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