Hadoop on the Mainframe Now Feasible Through SUSE and Veristorm Partnership

SUSE and Veristorm are partnering to provide certified high-performance Hadoop solutions that run directly on Linux on IBM z Systems, IBM Power Systems, and x86-64. Customers with IBM z Systems can team SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z with Veristorm zDoop, a commercial distribution of Hadoop supported on mainframes.

The two vendors will also support Veristorm Data Hub and vStorm Enterprise Hadoop solutions on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Power 12 on IBM POWER8 in little-endian mode. In addition, SUSE and Veristorm will collaborate on channel and partner education regarding the benefits of Veristorm's big data and analytics systems on IBM Enterprise Systems and x86-64 supported on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Veristorm will continue to certify its product portfolio on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

"The growing need for big data processing to make informed business decisions is becoming increasingly unavoidable," said Naji Almahmoud, head of global business development for SUSE. "However, existing solutions often struggle to handle the processing load, which in turn leads to more servers and difficult-to-manage sprawl. This partnership with Veristorm allows enterprises to efficiently analyze their mainframe data using Hadoop. It also complements SUSE's existing partnerships with leading Hadoop vendors, providing customers with the ability to move valuable mainframe data to Hadoop to reap the benefits of big data-related programs."

Veristorm will host a Hadoop repository that will enable customers to easily access and download Veristorm's products for evaluation on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server through SUSE's YaST and Zypper framework.

Separately, Micro Focus has announced further detailed plans for the integration of the Attachmate Group of companies, which includes SUSE. The product portfolios of Micro Focus, Borland, NetIQ, Attachmate, and Novell will be brought together under the one portfolio of Micro Focus. Each product will have a defined strategy created and managed by a global product group.

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