H&W Enhances Performance of CICS Support Solution

H&W Computer Systems, Inc., a mainframe software vendor, announced it is shipping a new update to its SYSB-II software, which enables customers to keep mainframe CICS applications online while batch updates VSAM files. Version 6.4 of SYSB-II includes performance enhancements gained from features designed to avoid unnecessary update locking, optimize use of read-ahead buffer space, and take advantage of syncpoint optimization.

"We have made improvements that offer optimized performance and historical reporting for trend analysis, capacity planning, and aid in performance tuning," says Joe Burns, senior product manager for H&W. "These improvements supply customers with the enhancements that make SYSB-II an even more valued contributor to their business and IT environments."

Additional new features include better capacity planning and tuning based on historical reporting, and improved operations, reduction of reruns, and added capacity and flexibility for journaling.

SYSB-II is designed to improve the performance of business-critical CICS applications that rely on VSAM files, enabling organizations to increase processing capacity and extend existing systems to other uses such as web services without the hindrance of downtime due to VSAM batch updates.

More information is available at the H&W website.