Harmony EDI by Jitterbit Eases and Centralizes Data Exchange Between Partners and Merchants

Jitterbit, the enterprise empowering transformation through automation, is debuting Harmony EDI, a cloud-based, self-managed electronic data interchange (EDI) solution designed to help streamline business processes and automate workflows within the realm of EDI. Fully integrated with the Jitterbit Harmony platform, Harmony EDI alleviates the manual burden of processing and approving EDI transactions while increasing overall accuracy of information, according to the company.

Traditionally, enterprises seeking solutions that handle EDI processes come from third-party vendors, often leading to increased disparity among tools and a greater need for connectors. This poses issues to enterprise scalability, efficiency, and existing skill sets—where many EDI vendors are ill-equipped to manage integrations outside of EDI, according to Jitterbit.

Fortunately, Jitterbit has innovated a fully integrated and self-managed solution to eradicate these rampant EDI challenges. Engineered to optimize the exchange of data between trading partners and merchants, as well as their respective applications and systems, Harmony EDI transforms the way information is delivered and managed.

"Today, Jitterbit takes a leap forward in the world of EDI solutions with the launch of Harmony EDI. Seamlessly embedded in the cloud, this game-changing offering brings flexibility, enhanced visibility, and unparalleled user-friendliness,” said Vito Salvaggio, SVP of product management at Jitterbit. “With centralized trading partner management and competitive pricing, Harmony EDI stands tall as the superior choice in the market. B2B vendors can say goodbye to limitations and embrace a new era of streamlined processes, automated workflows, and the power to redefine success."

Harmony EDI offers a centralized platform to manage and configure trading partner relationships as they continue to evolve and increase in quantity, further delivering advanced features to optimize the process, including:

  • Tracking and reporting capabilities for EDI transaction visibility
  • Self-management of trading partner and EDI workflows
  • Full integration with Harmony platform, additionally offering integrations with SAS, Oracle Netsuite, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and more
  • Simple adding of applications and systems to existing tech stacks

Armed with a suite of cloud-based, iPaaS applications that support customized integrations, Harmony EDI meets enterprises where they are in their tech stacks. The solution also meets businesses at their unique stage in their EDI state, whether they have extensive, some, or little to no EDI experience.

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