HarperDB Releases Solution for Growing Datasets

HarperDB, an enterprise class database company, is launching HarperDB, an HTAP (Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing) database solution that will eliminate the need for multiple database products and costly expenses amassed by big data footprints.

“We built a database solution that developers of any skill level can roll out in minutes and that scales with them as their data needs grow,” said Stephen Goldberg, CEO of HarperDB. “There are a lot of database products on the market, but the options available are highly fragmented and complex, making companies data value chains difficult and expensive to maintain. We are excited to announce a solution that internalizes this complexity and simplifies the process of ingestion to analytics.”

This solution is designed for developers and HarperDB’s database is powered by a patent pending data storage algorithm that ingests both unstructured and structured data into a fully indexed, single model data store.

No configuration is required. Both NoSQL and SQL capabilities are provided natively in real-time, and there is no increase in the storage footprint.

This means that developers can focus on development, while interacting with their data in real-time without having to worry about overly complex data models, configuration, or database management.

HarperDB can be used for IoT projects, app development and as a schema-less data warehouse.

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