Harte-Hanks Trillium Software and Syncsort Combine Data Quality With Data Management

Trillium Software, a business of Harte-Hanks, Inc. and a leading provider of data quality software, has announced a global technology alliance with Syncsort aimed at helping customers integrate data quality functionality directly into an array of data management processes. The alliance can provide customers with high-speed data transformation and aggregation, and potentially lower costs for data warehousing, business intelligence, customer relationship management, and data integration initiatives.

The two companies have created a software-based "application connector" that seamlessly integrates the Trillium Software System data quality product with DMExpress, Syncsort's data integration and extract, transform and load (ETL) solution. By allowing rapid integration of data quality projects into the DMExpress job flow at any point in the ETL process, the solution provides a single user interface for business and IT users to quickly investigate, improve, govern, and monitor their data. This technology can improve the value of information by building an accurate and consistent master record of data at any point in a business process, while helping reduce project time and analyzing data in real-time to ensure high levels of ongoing quality.

"There are four key areas of data quality for which the Trillium software can be used to enhance the Syncsort ETL flow," Len Dubois, senior vice president of marketing for Trillium, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "These are profiling, wherein the structure of the source data is identified, cleansing (which includes standardization and error correction), matching to eliminate duplicate data elements, and ongoing monitoring to prevent information elements from getting out of compliance with established standards."

Prior to the beginning of the ETL process, Syncsort will use a standard API built into DMExpress to call the Trillium profiler to analyze the structure of the source data and prepare it for the ETL process. Then, after the data has been extracted to a staging area, Syncsort will call Trillium again to perform the cleansing and matching procedures before the remaining data transformations and loading into the target system occur. Dubois notes that "one of the major benefits of this combined solution to customers is the cost efficiencies that it provides-no time needs to be spent developing connectors between the two products, and Trillium eliminates the manual, iterative process of understanding data sources via its automated profiling capabilities."

For more information about Trillium and its data quality software, go here. For more information about Syncsort and its DMExpress ETL product, go here.