Hazelcast Jet Update Focuses on Improving Developer Productivity

Hazelcast, provider of an in-memory data grid (IMDG), is releasing a new version of Hazelcast Jet, introducing pipeline API to increase developer productivity.

Hazelcast Jet 0.5 offers the pipeline API for general purpose programming of batch and stream processing, as well as fault tolerance using snapshotting with the integrated Hazelcast IMDG.

The overall focus of the latest release is to increase developer productivity via an extremely simple and intuitive API.

Jet is a single library with no dependencies which is therefore easily embedded and deployed, removing the need for multiple systems.

The Pipeline API is the primary programming interface of Hazelcast Jet for batch and stream processing, making it more appealing to a wider Java audience.

The new Pipeline API is easier to use and provides developers with tools to compose batch computations from building blocks such as filters, aggregators and joiners. The Java 8 Stream API is also available in Hazelcast Jet 0.5, a well-known and popular API in the Java community which supports functional-style operations on streams of elements.

Another new addition is fault tolerance using distributed in-memory snapshots - in Hazelcast Jet 0.5 snapshots are distributed across the cluster and held in multiple replicas to provide redundancy.

 Jet is now able to tolerate multiple faults such as node failure, network partition or job execution failure. Snapshots are periodically created and backed up. 

With this release, Jet is fully integrated with Hazelcast IMDG for sources, sinks and enrichment. It also has streaming as well as batch integrations.

Hazelcast Jet is an Apache 2 licensed open source project that performs parallel execution to enable data-intensive applications to operate in near real-time. Built on top of a one-record-per-time architecture (sometimes known as continuous operators), Hazelcast Jet processes incoming records as soon as possible, opposed to accumulating records into micro-batches, consequently lowering latency for applications. Hazelcast Jet is extremely simple to program and deploy – and can be fully embedded for OEMs and Microservices – making it is easier for manufacturers to build and maintain next generation systems.

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