Hazelcast Platform 5.0 is Now Generally Available

Hazelcast announced version 5.0 of the Hazelcast platform is now available for general release, merging IMDG and Jet solutions along with introducing a host of new features.

In a blog post, Matko Medenjak, engineering manager at Hazelcast, reports that after the beta release of 5.0, Hazelcast has made an effort to make the product adhere to the stability and production-ready standards which are expected from any Hazelcast release.

With Hazelcast Platform, the company merged the Hazelcast IMDG and Hazelcast Jet products into a single product which not only simplifies the development of applications using Hazelcast but also puts more focus on developing real-time applications that will engage with end-users in new ways.

Hazelcast IMDG provided fast ways how to store, retrieve and modify data and Hazelcast Jet provided fast processing of data. But combining these two together brings something more—fast insight and action.

Hazelcast 5.0 is not just about the merging of IMDG and Jet, but also about major feature updates. The solution takes a big leap forward and brings a lot of new expressions including:

  • Sorting (ORDER BY) and aggregations (GROUP BY) without any limitations
  • Basic JOIN support
  • New operators such as IN, BETWEEN or CASE
  • New functions, e.g. REPLACE, POSITION, EXTRACT, POWER, SQRT and more.

Additionally, the platform introduces new persistence functionality, simply referred to as Persistence. This feature completely supersedes the Hot Restart subsystem which in turn will be deprecated. With Persistence, the content of IMap and ICache gets written to disk making it even more resilient towards failures. At this point, Persistence is a mirror of the in-memory content, it’s not a tiered storage solution for going beyond memory limits.

Up until now, the maximum supported amount of high-density memory configured per member was 100 GBs. Hazelcast Platform 5.0 increases this limit to 200 GBs per member, effectively doubling the maximum storage capacity on the same hardware.

In addition to the current serialization formats, the company is releasing a preview of the new serialization format named Compact Format, aiming to not only improve the non-functional aspect of the serialization but also the user experience.

In addition to many new features, Hazelcast’s web-based monitoring tool, Management Center, has gone through a complete UI redesign. The new design brings a consistent, modern look focused on improved user experience with the beta release of Management Center 5.0.

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