Hazelcast Updates Jet Platform with Improved Event Time Processing for Streaming Data

Hazelcast, an open source in-memory data grid (IMDG) provider, is releasing the 0.4 release of Hazelcast Jet, enabling new functionality that includes event-time processing with tumbling, sliding, and session windowing.

Using these new capabilities, users benefit from a feature-rich stream processing architecture which provides a flexible mechanism to build and evaluate windows over continuous data streams.

Easy to use, deploy and program, Hazelcast Jet is appropriate for applications such as sensor updates in IoT architectures (house thermostats, lighting systems), in-store e-commerce systems and social media platforms.

Hazelcast Jet offers three types of windows fixed/tumbling , sliding, and session.

Additional enhancements in Hazelcast Jet 0.4 also include the ability to use the ICache/Hazelcast integration as a source and sink of data, can be used on top of ICache to enable basic data processing, – improved streaming file connector allows users to watch files and directories for changes, and numerous Hazelcast Jet code samples that can be used as building blocks for Jet applications, providing a gradual learning experience

 “The Jet project is progressing faster than we could have hoped. The new functionality in 0.4 brings stream processing for the first time,” said Greg Luck, CEO of Hazelcast. “As with batch, we are achieving a new performance level, giving us a real edge over alternative market solutions. Jet’s architecture is performance and low latency driven, which is why there are no real surprises in the results of our latest benchmark. Driven by the community, Jet is an easy to deploy fast data solution for programmers built on the premise of simplicity.”

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