Hazelcast and Heimdall Release Joint Solution

Hazelcast, a provider of operational in-memory computing, and Heimdall Data, provider of a next generation data access platform, are launching an integrated platform that provides a SQL solution that is easy to manage and seamless to deploy. The new platform aims to tackles the issue of on-premise or cloud application uptime and scalability caused by deficient application-to-database interaction, benefiting application developers and owners, IT operations, and architects.

While application bottlenecks are often due to latent and inefficient database interaction, resulting in poor performance and scale, Heimdall Data says its platform, along with Hazelcast’s in-memory caching, enables organizations to dramatically speed up applications by reducing the query load on databases.

The combined Hazelcast-Heimdall Data solution is designed to address application-to-database challenges with minimal overhead, according to the companies. When deploying Heimdall alongside Hazelcast, users can “Hazelcast-enable” any existing application without changing a single line of code.

Heimdall’s SQL solution installs in minutes and automatically works with Hazelcast.

“Heimdall does intelligent SQL Load balancing. One aspect of that is caching of SQL queries. This is where Hazelcast comes in, providing the caching infrastructure,"said Greg Luck, CEO of Hazelcast. "Heimdall also allows for failover, security interceptors, separation of read and write traffic and much more.  This is an exciting technology and a very nice integration with Hazelcast.” 

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