HeavyIQ Leverages Natural Language Processing to Enable Organizations to Explore Their Massive Datasets

HEAVY.AI, innovator in advanced analytics, is releasing HeavyIQ, bringing groundbreaking Large Language Model (LLM) capabilities to the GPU-accelerated HEAVY.AI analytics platform. This solution enables organizations to interact with their data through conversational analytics.

Users can easily explore their data with natural language questions and quickly generate advanced visualizations of that data. This streamlined process reduces the friction of traditional business analytics, allowing more users to uncover insights quickly and effectively, according to the company.

“In the past, most analytics solutions required users to write their own SQL queries or learn complex drag and drop interfaces that required dozens of clicks. They would also have to bring in engineering and operations teams to clean and load data. This was a cumbersome, slow process and it made it difficult for both seasoned data scientists and general business users to learn from their data,” said Todd Mostak, CTO and co-founder, HEAVY.AI. “HeavyIQ breaks down all those barriers, eliminating the need to manually build SQL queries and automatically generating rich visualizations. This allows organizations—including line of business users—to extract insights from their data and make better business decisions.”

With HeavyIQ, HEAVY has taken an open-source LLM foundation model and extensively trained it to excel at core analytics tasks, including analyzing massive geospatial and temporal data sets.

The technology employs the power of an LLM in conjunction with retrieval augmented generation (RAG) capabilities to take a user’s text input, automatically convert it into a SQL query, and can both visualize and return natural language summaries of results.

HeavyIQ benefits that include:

  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Verifiability
  • Privacy and security  

HeavyIQ is available now for existing HEAVY.AI customers.

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