Heirloom Computing Launches Mainframe Partnership, Enterprise Cloud

Heirloom Computing Inc. has formed a new partnership with Java Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider CloudBees to speed the transition of mainframe workloads to the CloudBees PaaS. With the partnership, Heirloom will deploy COBOL-based mainframe workloads to the cloud, using Heirloom Elastic COBOL and the CloudBees Platform.

Heirloom's Elastic COBOL enables enterprises to leverage COBOL and CICS workloads on the Java platform and in the cloud. Elastic COBOL recompiles commercial, on-line and batch workloads into Java source-code so they execute 100% as Java applications. Elastic COBOL uses the Eclipse IDE framework to deliver support for COBOL syntax (including IBM and Micro Focus), CICS, JES/JCL, VSAM, SQL, HTML, XML & Java and is available on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and the cloud.

In a separate announcement, Heirloom also announced GOPaaS, a service to quickly and easily SaaS-enable and modernize mission-critical enterprise software, allowing businesses running legacy software to reap the benefits of cloud computing immediately.

“To compete in today’s environment, you need a web interface that’s easy for users to navigate,” says Heirloom Computing CEO Gary Crook. “We created GOPaaS so businesses can compete in the cloud right now, skipping the time-intensive process of rewriting code or developing a new cloud-based application from scratch.”

Using the GOPaaS service, businesses can legacy applications in the cloud. Heirloom’s ELPaaS (Enterprise Legacy Platform-as-a-Service) software application development and deployment platform seamlessly migrates legacy systems to private and public cloud computing infrastructures. The GOPaaS service allows any application stack to use ELPaaS.

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