Heirloom Computing Says Its Cloud Surpasses Traditional Mainframe Performance

The latest benchmark testing by Heirloom Computing revealed that the company's “ELPaaS” (Enterprise Legacy Platform-as-a-Service) offering now surpasses most mainframe computing alternatives - with costs that are 90% lower, according to the company.

In a TPC-C benchmarking test, Heirloom used an HP Compute Cloud "Standard, Extra Large" (4 CPU, 16GB RAM) instance as its building block.  Blocks can be added or removed dynamically for exceptional scalability and flexibility.

"CIOs and IT managers need to take a hard look at their IT roadmap and ask themselves if it makes sense to keep pouring money into legacy hardware and software solutions when the cloud offers such a viable, agile and inexpensive alternative," says Gary Crook, CEO of Heirloom Computing.

Heirloom says it used 1,500 terminals to achieve a transaction throughput rate of 12,105 CICS transactions per minute, equivalent to a 905 MIPS mainframe - well within the needs of the vast majority of mainframe users. 

Compatibility with IBM COBOL and CICS was provided by Heirloom's Elastic COBOL and compatibility with the IBM DB2 database was provided by VMware's SQLFire. The benchmark was orchestrated by Heirloom's JES/JCL engine and deployed to Heirloom's ELPaaS.

More information is available from Heirloom Computing.