HiT Boosts Data Transmission Security for DB2 Data in Java Applications

HiT Software, Inc., a provider of products for database access, integration and replication, announced the availability of the HiT JDBC/DB2 v3.70 high-performance JDBC driver, featuring added support for IBM DB2 native data encryption. HiT JDBC/DB2 is now optimized to take advantage of IBM DB2's DES standard, and combined with HiT Software's HiT SSL Server, provides end-to-end 256-bit encryption for data traveling between Java applications and IBM DB2 LUW or z/OS databases.

This assures Java developers and IT groups that sensitive SQL data transported over the Internet or VPNs can be securely and transparently encrypted at the highest level. In addition, with HiT SSL Server, IT groups can apply digital certificate authentication and generate certificates, increasing intrusion protection, support for data governance, and overall data security.

With SSL 3.0 encryption, HiT Software products support RSA and DSA certificate authentication, when the HiT SSL Server is run at the DB2 server, or on front-end Unix security servers just outside the corporate firewall.

"Data security is a key issue for businesses today," Carolyn Hughes, director of marketing for HiT Software, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "When we talk to customers about their needs, a lot of times they explain the transmission of the data. It may not be behind the firewall, it may be outside the firewall, and in a case like that, they need to be assured that we are supporting their encryption requirements. And, if they are dealing in sensitive data, financial data, or customer data, they want to take advantage of the highest encryption possible. That is why we wanted to make sure we supported that."

The HiT JDBC/DB2 driver (for both DB2 for z/OS and DB2 LUW) is compact, 100% pure Java type 4 middleware for DB2 SQL access from custom applications and third party products. HiT JDBC/DB2 implements standard Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) function calls and communicates with the DB2 server to retrieve, update, and insert DB2 data. Leveraging standard IBM DB2 access protocols, including distributed relational database architecture (DRDA), HiT JDBC/DB2 communicates with native IBM server programs and does not require any additional programs installed on the DB2 host system. HiT JDBC/DB2 supports stored procedures, multiple result sets, Static SQL and packages. Support is also included for the most common DB2 single and double-byte character sets. HiT JDBC/DB2 and HiT SSL Server work with any operating system running JVM 1.5 or later, including Windows, Unix, Linux, IBM i and IBM z platforms. For more information, go here.