HiT Software Adds Configuration and Tracking Features to Allora Data Transformation Product

HiT Software, a provider of products for database access, integration and replication, has announced Allora 6.0, the newest version of the company's data transformation product.

Allora is designed to graphically provide mapping and transformation between any relational database and XML or structured text files. It is used by customers to automatically move inbound XML data from schemas such as HL7, ACORD and JusticeXML into database fields, eliminating hours of application developer time to write and edit scripting. For organizations that share data externally, Allora can be used to transform relational data into XML, making it useful to any web-enabled application or system.

The latest release, Allora 6.0, adds new functionality for data traceability to help organizations in regulated industries improve their understanding of data relationships and track data mapping design prior to transformation, as well as enhancements that offer greater scripting flexibility and reduce effort in managing transformations.

"It is a major release for the product. We have built Allora to have quite a few technical features for data mapping and transformation, and we built them to be transparent to the user to reduce time and effort, and make it easy for the general DBA," Carolyn Hughes, director of marketing, HiT Software, tells 5 Minute Briefing. However, recently in working with organizations that must adhere to regulatory mandates such as those specified by the FDA and some European stock exchanges, HiT Software was asked to expand on and expose some of Allora's functions, and in order to do that, HiT had to build some technology into Allora, Hughes explains.

New features in Allora 6.0 enable users to graphically generate reports that expose data mapping design, which can be evaluated and shared among various groups for approval and tracking purposes-a critical function for regulated businesses where data accuracy and changes are tightly controlled, and helps retain information properly for auditing and corrective actions.

Among other features, a new graphical representation of data relationships, exposed through a diagrammatic view of tables, is available, reducing the time to examine and approve data management decisions. Users can also now customize data and datetime formats during marshalling and unmarshalling, improving data accuracy.
Allora 6.0 is available now from HiT Software and authorized resellers worldwide. Customers can download a free 30-day trial to evaluate the product in their environment, including full support.

More information about additional new features in Allora 6.0 can be found here.