HiT Software Adds Support for Vectorwise with Release of DBMoto 7.2

HiT Software,  a provider of  data replication and change data capture (CDC) solutions for heterogeneous database environments, has announced the release of DBMoto 7.2, which includes support for the Actian Vectorwise  analytical database. DBMoto for Vectorwise provides the ability to easily apply real-time data changes to Vectorwise so that customers can access and analyze the freshest data from big data volumes at a faster pace, giving them an edge in critical business intelligence decision-making.

“Vectorwise is a leading analytical database that is designed to deliver an incredible speed in returning queries on big data,” Carolyn Hughes, director of marketing at HiT Software, tells 5 Minute Briefing.  In turn, she notes, users also want to be able to get data into Vectorwise at the same level of speed so that their reporting and analytics can be as close to real time as possible.

DBMoto captures data from all major relational databases including Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2 (all versions), MySQL, Informix, Sybase and many others, and automatically passes data and any updates to Vectorwise.  Once the data has been initially loaded, DBMoto establishes ongoing change data capture to update Vectorwise with any transactions that occur on the source data, with minimal system overhead.

“We continually expand DBMoto’s list of supported databases. That is an objective the company has had for quite some time and as we add new databases, we are looking at the ones that are most interesting to the data integration community,” says Hughes.

DBMoto for Vectorwise contains all the most recent features developed for DBMoto, including support for all major relational databases, replication grouping, replication monitoring and comparisons, error management and many other built-in replication features not typically included in competitive solutions.

DBMoto for Vectorwise is now available from HiT Software and through its partners and resellers.  For more information, visit