HiT Software's DBMoto Adds Informix Log-based Change Data Capture

HiT Software, a  provider of data integration and change data capture products for heterogeneous database environments, has announced DBMoto version 7.1, the newest version of its change data capture product. 

This release adds IBM Informix log reading, open APIs to embed DBMoto in applications and systems, and a replication activity viewer to monitor replication jobs.

"A number of customers have asked us to develop log reading for Informix," Carolyn Hughes, director of marketing, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "A lot of the Informix installed base deals with high-transaction businesses, such as retail and telco, and so being able to read the transaction logs as opposed to relying on triggers will enable a huge time savings." DBMoto supports Informix starting with version 11.5 for log reading. "We have supported Informix as both a source and a target database but this is the first time that we have released transaction log reading for Informix, so this is just another way of reading Informix data," notes Hughes.

Additionally, with new open APIs, DBMoto can now be embedded in enterprise data management environments as well as external data integration projects.   IT teams, ISVs and systems integrators can use DBMoto's APIs to easily add change data capture functionality to their architecture within their application interfaces.

And finally, says Hughes, the new activity viewer that comes in DBMoto gives users an opportunity to see the activity on their system when it happens, when replications are processing. "We continuously put in features that are requested by customers in a method that helps them streamline and improve their ability to manage data replication within their systems."

And also for organizations that are dealing with big data, "We do support a long list of relational databases, including a lot for transaction log reading, so that they can effectively create data marts that can be updated by DBMoto in real time as changes occur."  This is important for organizations that are looking at master data management, BI and data warehousing, where they have a lot of operational data that needs to feed to those systems. "We help them create these operational data marts and keep the data updated, which helps with large data management as well as with real-time data management."

DBMoto v7.1 will be available within the next 30 days for free 30-day trial, or for purchase through HiT Software and its authorized resellers.