Hitachi Data Systems Delivers Object Storage Portfolio with Content Intelligence Capabilities

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has announced Hitachi Content Intelligence, an addition to its Hitachi Content Portfolio (HCP), creating an object storage portfolio with search and analytics capabilities.

The new intelligence solution rounds out the HCP portfolio, which offers a seamlessly integrated cloud-file gateway and enterprise file sync and sharing, and improves organizations’ ability to strategically manage data.

According to the vendor, the new Hitachi Content Intelligence offering addresses the challenges of exploring and discovering relevant, valuable and factual information across the growing number of data producers and siloed repositories that plague organizations today. By aggregating multistructured data, Hitachi Content Intelligence enables insights to be surfaced faster, data management and governance to be more complete, and to understand the distribution of organizational data based on its value to the business.

According to Scott Baker, senior director of Emerging Technologies at Hitachi Data Systems, in today’s enterprise, data is the most strategic asset, and the ability to connect the right people to the right data at the right time and in a meaningful way is critical to staying relevant and competitive in their market segment. Hitachi Content Intelligence allows customers organize, transform and package organizational data into factual information, he added.

Hitachi Content Intelligence centralizes organizational data and transforms it into valuable and relevant business information; connects to and aggregates multistructured data across heterogeneous data silos and different locations; and offers flexible deployment options that include physical, virtual, or hosted (public or private cloud).

It also handles high degrees of scalability and availability with support for distributed and dynamic cluster sizes that can burst to more than 10,000 instances, and  maintains data sensitivity safely and securely by ensuring that only authorized users have access to specified results with integrations to authentication services, document-level security controls, and granular access policies.

It delivers personalized and self-service results that are tailored to the individual user or group that accesses the data, and includes extensibility with published application programming interfaces that support customized data connections, transformation stages, or building new applications.

With Hitachi Content Intelligence, organizations can now connect to and aggregate data silos, transform, and enrich the data as it’s processed, and provide analytics across all the data stored on the platform - making it the industry’s only object storage portfolio with seamlessly integrated cloud gateway, file sync and share, and data search and analytics capabilities.

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