Hitachi Extends Cloud Managed Services Offerings with End-to-End Container Support and Storage-as-a-Service

Hitachi Vantara has announced the expansion of the Hitachi Enterprise Cloud family of managed private and hybrid cloud “as-a-service” offerings, including new options for deploying cloud-native application environments.

In addition, Hitachi is introducing storage-as-a-service offerings that are pre-engineered for on-premises. These new as-a-service offerings are aimed at data center modernization and ensuring that customers realize the greatest value with Hitachi technology through outcome-based services.

Hitachi Enterprise Cloud Container Platform

Pre-engineered as a service offering that provides a public cloud experience for organizations that use data services, DevOps and microservices architectures on premises, with the added ability to deploy and orchestrate across public cloud end points, the HEC Container Platform, now generally available

The HEC portfolio supports cloud-native applications and distributed data services with the HEC Container Platform as well as VMware virtualized applications and bare metal applications with the existing HEC with VMware vRealize. Both are delivered as fully managed, pay-per-use environments and their service catalogs can be consolidated as a single solution that provides both capabilities.

A fully managed end-to-end solution, the HEC Container Platform is based on Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS to provide efficiency, support and control for deploying modern data services such as Spark, Kafka, Cassandra and HDFS. Kubernetes container orchestration is also included out-of-the-box, alongside Docker and the native Marathon orchestrator, providing customers with their choice for single click deployment of Marathon and Kubernetes. Through the partnership with Mesosphere, the HEC Container Platform supports more than one hundred DevOps and data services to accelerate the deployment of a ready-to-use cloud-native application environment.

Storage-as-a-Service Offerings

Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) from Hitachi Vantara uses a pre-engineered service catalog for on-premise STaaS. The standard STaaS offering provides services for the enterprise while the STaaS Essentials offering provides basic services comparable to public cloud. All STaaS offerings can be deployed on premises to provide a fully managed service that includes performance guarantees and capacity management. Both STaaS options include a rate card and pay-per-use consumption model that allows customers to flex storage up or down as needed. The standard STaaS option builds on the Essential service with the addition of end-to-end storage management with host provisioning, full change and request management and incident resolution from host storage.

All StaaS offerings provide robust reporting with easy-to-use dashboards that provide actionable performance insights that help identify service level improvement opportunities and cost savings. 

New HEC Family Service Classes and Capabilities

The Hitachi Enterprise Cloud family offer new service classes to define the units of on-demand consumption.

The redefined Virtual Capacity Units (VCUs) of HEC with VMware vRealize provide more cost-effective utilization of on-demand resources and provide a new service class optimized for heavy compute workloads such as SAP and Oracle.

The newly defined Container Capacity Units (CCUs) of HEC Container Platform are designed to provide highly efficient resource utilization, increased cost efficiency and pricing transparency.

The HEC family has also been enhanced with the ability to deploy HEC in multiple clouds and in multiple zones from a single pane of glass under one consolidated management structure. This new consolidated management significantly eases IT management burden, reduces costs and risks for hybrid cloud deployments.

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