Hitachi Vantara Introduces Solutions for Mission-Critical SAP HANA, Oracle DB, VMware, and Big Data Analytics

Hitachi Vantara has announced hardware and software enhancements across the Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) family of converged, hyperconverged and rack-scale systems, including NVMe SSD caching and GPU processor-based server options.

New certified applications ecosystem solutions optimized for mission-critical environments include Oracle databases, SAP HANA, VMware, and big data analytics frameworks. By offering a complete family of UCP converged systems and integrated application solutions, Hitachi Vantara says, it is able to address any workload, at any scale, in multicloud environments.

Hitachi UCP systems use modular building blocks of infrastructure that are pretested and validated to meet specific needs and fast-changing business requirements. They allow customers to start small and grow systems with increments of cost-effective compute, network and storage components to optimize performance.

Built on a modular converged architecture, Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Converged Infrastructure (UCP CI) systems provide a flexible, low-risk path to modern data center infrastructure. UCP CI systems, with a UCP Advisor-powered management and automation toolset, enable the operational efficiencies of virtualization and increase the performance of mission-critical applications. The systems simplify the control of both virtual and physical infrastructure to support a wide range of enterprise and cloud workloads, at any scale. 

Enhancements to Hitachi UCP CI systems include support for the recently launched all-flash and hybrid Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) systems. Compared to prior models, the new VSP systems provide faster, more efficient performance, containers support and cross-platform AI-powered analytics and IT automation software.

New Intel Skylake-based Hitachi Advanced Server DS220 and DS240 servers deliver expanded scale-up and scale-out computational options to handle the most demanding, high performance requirements for virtualization, SAP and Oracle environments.

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform HC (UCP HC) systems are a scalable, easy-to-deploy hyperconverged infrastructure appliance. Available as an all-inclusive solution, UCP HC leverages VMware vSAN, the software powering hyperconverged infrastructure, for simplicity, agility and fully-orchestrated installation, management and upgrades. 

The new Hitachi Advanced Server DS225 with NVIDIA Tesla GPU support addresses opportunities requiring advanced graphics capabilities such as VDI, CAD/CAE and collaborative workplaces, along with advanced analytics solutions. New Intel Optane NVMe SSD caching in the DS120 server provides high performance and low latency transaction processing for critical applications and analytics environments. The higher capacity storage in the new DS220 server addresses use cases such as test and development, branch office support, content repositories and file services.

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform RS (UCP RS) is a rack-scale system designed to simplify the deployment of an agile data infrastructure at scale. When combined with the latest version of VMware’s integrated hybrid cloud platform, VMware Cloud Foundation, the integrated system enables customers to deploy a hybrid cloud with a fast time to market and pay-as-you-go economics. Key new components and enhancements to Hitachi UCP RS include the use of Intel Skylake all-flash servers for improved performance and efficiency, and support for VMware vSAN. This lowers the cost for smaller deployments, bringing a simple, secure and agile cloud infrastructure to a new class of customers.

Expanded Applications Ecosystem Solutions

Applications ecosystem solutions, powered by the UCP family of systems, deliver pre-integrated, optimized and certified infrastructure solutions and reference architectures, combined with application-centric professional services.

The new Hitachi Solution for the SAP HANA Platform simplifies the analysis of SAP HANA data as well as big data from multiple sources in real-time to drive fast and more informed business decisions. New SAP HANA solution options include tailored data center integration (TDI) certifications, scaling to 64 nodes per frame, and featuring new Hitachi VSP flash storage systems to run the most demanding SAP applications. New appliance certifications scale up to 8 CPUs and 12TB and are ideally suited for SAP Business Suite 4 HANA (SAP S/4 HANA) to drive financials, enterprise resource planning, supply chain management and other mission-critical enterprise operations. In addition, Hitachi has added resource forecasting analytics and threshold alerts to Hitachi Server and Storage Adapters for the SAP HANA Cockpit centralized management console.

A Hitachi Solution for Databases with Oracle Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) optimization offloads warm and cold data to a data lake consisting of a certified MongoDB cluster running on Hitachi UCP RS systems. This can reduce the cost of software licensing, scale-out capability and hardware acquisitions while supporting analytics on Oracle EDW and MongoDB. Hitachi’s Pentaho Data Integration allows access to both existing EDW and secondary big data environments from a single tool.

Pretested, prevalidated infrastructure featuring certified Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub and MongoDB Enterprise compute clusters, complement Pentaho Data Integration for key use cases like cybersecurity. New reference architectures with certified infrastructure for Cloudera and MongoDB provide customers with tested systems, consistent expertise and best practices learned through years of experience in data management.

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