Hitachi and Measured Search Launch Secure Solr Search Solution in the Cloud

Measured Search, Inc., provider of a cloud orchestration, management and analytics platform for Apache Solr, is partnering with Hitachi Solutions America on a combined solution offering cloud-based secure search on top of Apache Solr.

Measured Search's SearchStax product suite offers automated provisioning and scaling of Apache Solr Search Engine, on-demand and scheduled backups, 24/7 monitoring and alerting, analytics, and administrative tooling that helps companies manage and scale their Solr search solutions in the cloud.The combination of SearchStaxand Measured Search's Managed Services enable a fully managed Solr-as-a-service multi-cloud capable offering.

Hitachi Solutions America's Credeon Secure Full-Text Search is a searchable encryption technology for the full-text search engine, Solr. It protects against internal and external threats by enabling encrypted search index queries to be performed without requiring the decryption of the index. Use of a random number for encryption with homomorphic functions and a symmetric-key encryption scheme achieves the highest level of security available without sacrificing performance.

According to Sameer Maggon, founder and CEO of Measured Search, the partnership with Hitachi Solutions America and the integration of Credeon Secure Full-Text Search with SearchStax will offer its customers a unique solution to perform search against confidential data.

The integration of the Measured Search solution with Credeon prevents unauthorized parties from accessing confidential data with features such as encrypted index files and the ability to search while index files stay encrypted.

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