Hivelocity Collaborates with Ridge to Supercharge Cloud-Native Deployments

Hivelocity, the leading Bare Metal Cloud Company, is partnering with cloud provider Ridge, enabling users to deploy cloud-native applications anywhere their customers are.

“Cloud-native applications drive business growth, and businesses need the versatility to deploy anywhere they need to best serve their customers,” said Mati Lerner, Ridge co-CEO. “By overlaying our flexible cloud platform on top of Hivelocity’s vast range of servers around the globe, our partnership will open the door to levels of app performance that until now were impossible to meet.”

By combining the resources of a true bare metal solution with the dynamic scalability of the cloud, Hivelocity’s Bare Metal Cloud solutions offer users greater performance at a fraction of the cost, according to the vendors.

Now, with the added control of the Ridge-managed Kubernetes, container, and object storage platforms, your bare metal or hybrid cloud solution can grow and operate with the same ease of use we’ve come to expect from the public cloud.

By giving developers a single API capable of enabling programmatic usage of Kubernetes clusters, virtual machines, and public cloud containers from anywhere, Ridge provides a straightforward solution for them to easily deploy and scale cloud-native applications across private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.

In addition, Ridge’s Resource Allocation Engine allows users to deploy their apps in specific geographic locations while simultaneously defining constraints such as cost and compliance. They can run workloads on top of any stack and optimize their cloud computing strategy around end goals, not system limitations.

“Bare metal has always performed better and costs less than a like instance within any public cloud,” said Steve Eschweiler, COO at Hivelocity. “With Ridge, our customers are now able to enjoy those clear benefits while also experiencing easy K8s deployment. For most companies, Hivelocity’s bare metal cloud together with Ridge’s cloud-native web services should really be a no-brainer.”

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