Hortonworks Announces General Availability of Hortonworks Data Platform

Hortonworks, a commercial vendor promoting the innovation, development and support of Apache Hadoop, has announced the general availability of Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 1.0 which is intended to make Hadoop easy to consume and use in enterprise environments.

"With the general availability of Hortonworks Data Platform 1.0, Hortonworks is delivering on its promise to make Apache Hadoop an enterprise viable data platform," says Rob Bearden, CEO of Hortonworks. "Unlike alternative Hadoop offerings, HDP is 100% open source with no proprietary code, eliminating vendor lock-in and expensive proprietary add-ons. We are excited to deliver a comprehensive, Apache Hadoop-based enterprise data platform that provides the easiest way for the enterprise ecosystem to optimize and integrate their service with Hadoop."

Built on Apache Hadoop 1.0, Hortonworks Data Platform provides services for integrating and extending existing data architectures, to enable application users to quickly and cost-effectively gain insight and value from massive amounts of structured and unstructured data. According to Hortonworks, HDP is proven in large-scale, data-driven environments and has endured tens of thousands of hours of testing and production use. With HDP, Hortonworks says, the aim is to enable organizations to meet the challenges presented by the volume and increased velocity at which all types of data are collected by the modern enterprise, and to help them capitalize on and identify new business opportunities, improve customer service and retention, better understand and influence transactions, and reduce data storage and analysis costs.

Hortonworks Data Platform Highlights

Designed for data management professionals, Hortonworks Data Platform enables enterprises to load and persistently store data in any format and at any volume. HDP packages the essential Apache Hadoop projects into a comprehensive and integrated platform. It includes common capabilities for scripting (Pig), query (Hive), scheduling and workflow (Oozie), NoSQL database (HBase), as well as other essential components. HDP makes it easier for ecosystem vendors to natively integrate Hadoop with their services and offerings, providing for more user-friendly experiences.

In addition, HDP offers a number of open source capabilities for organizations in need of a mature and advanced data management solution:

-- Cluster provisioning and setup (Apache Ambari): HDP includes easy to use cluster provisioning capabilities with an intuitive UI that simplifies and accelerates the process of getting a Hadoop cluster up and running. The provisioning interface guides the user through a seven-step provisioning process by surveying the nodes for the target cluster and automatically recommending the optimal software configuration. Once the configuration is confirmed, one click will provision and start the entire cluster.

-- Management and monitoring services (Apache Ambari): Comprehensive, easy-to-use dashboards provide a complete view of the health of the cluster as well as centralized access to HDP's built-in management functionality.

-- Metadata services (Apache HCatalog): HDP enables users to define the structure and location of data within Hadoop for easy and consistent access from any program.

-- Data integration services (Talend Open Studio): HDP provides users with graphical interfaces for connecting to data sources and building complex transformation logic all without writing a line of code. In addition, core platform services enable scheduling of data integration, transformation and data refinement within the platform.

Hortonworks offers three different levels of flexible enterprise-grade support on Hortonworks Data Platform; and has also announced high-availability (HA) solutions for Hortonworks Data Platform.

Hortonworks Data Platform 1.0 will be available June 15, 2012, for download at