Hortonworks Augments its Platform and Strengthens its Partnerships

Hortonworks is making several key updates to its platform along with furthering its mission as being a leading innovator of open and connected data solutions by enhancing partnerships with Pivotal and expanding upon established integrations with Syncsort.

“The overarching conversation at Hortonworks has shifted to a category of big data solutions called connected data platforms,” said Matthew Morgan, ‎vice president, product and Alliance marketing at Hortonworks. “This conversation is becoming a focal point because the conversation around how to manage data has moved. It used to be about data lakes. However, the motion has moved now to streaming data and data that really sits out at the edge.” 

The Hortonworks Data Platform is being upgraded with new capabilities including integration with Apache Ranger for security and Apache Atlas for data governance, automated provisioning for Hadoop in any cloud, simplified cluster operations with Apache Ambari featuring pre-built dashboards for HDFS, YARN, Hive, and HBase, and visualization for data science with Apache Zeppelin.

“By having solutions that can capture information from device to device, out at the edge, you can get a full view of your data and you can gain, what we call, actionable intelligence,” Morgan said.

In addition to those updated, Hortonworks is improving cybersecurity with the release of Apache Metron.

Metron is an incubating open source Apache project dedicated to providing an extensible and scalable advanced security analytics platform to detect and mitigate security risks in real time.

Along with boosting its platforms, ehancing partnerships with other companies continues to be a priority for Hortonworks.

The company is expanding its relationship with Pivotal regarding the Hortonworks Data Platform and Pivotal HDB.

This partnership brings together Hortonworks’ expertise and support for data management and processing with Pivotal’s top analytics engine for Apache HadoopTM.

“We’ve had a phenomenal relationship with Pivotal,” Morgan said. “This is a phenomenal acceleration of a partnership that has paid so many dividends.”

The company is also expanding its partnership with Syncsort to deliver an integrated solution to help customers quickly and efficiently migrate data onto Hortonworks Data Platform (HDPTM).

 Hortonworks will resell Syncsort’s DMX-h for onboarding ETL processing in Hadoop.

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