Hortonworks DataFlow Drives IoT Benefit for the Enterprise

The Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) support subscription is now available. HDF, powered by Apache NiFi, a top-level open source project, is intended to help organizations take advantage of IoT data and helps make it easier to automate and secure data flows and collect, conduct and curate real-time business insights and actions derived from any data, from anything, anywhere.

Complementary to Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), an open enterprise Hadoop platform, HDF provides the ability for more data to be delivered into HDP and delivers full fidelity analytics on all data for every Hortonworks customer. HDF with HDP will give customers a complete set of secure solutions to manage and find value in the increasing volume of new and legacy data types.

Apache NiFi is based on technology previously called "Niagara Files" that was in development and used at scale within the NSA for the last 8 years and was made available to the Apache Software Foundation through the NSA Technology Transfer Program.

"HDF simplifies the process of collecting, conducting and curating the vast amounts of data currently being generated via the 'Internet of Anything.'  By flowing that data into HDP, our customers are able to rapidly bring these new data elements under management in a completely secure and purely open way," said Tim Hall, vice president of product management at Hortonworks. "With the addition of HDF to our product portfolio, Hortonworks is well positioned to help customers deliver transformational business insights."

Hortonworks will be at Strata Hadoop World, September 29-October 1 at the Javits Center in New York City. For more information about HDF or HDP, please visit the Hortonworks booth #409. Or hear more at the Open Enterprise Hadoop Roadshow, coming to 15 cities worldwide.

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