Hortonworks DataPlane Service Advances Global Data Management

Hortonworks has announced the Hortonworks DataPlane Service (Hortonworks DPS) to help improve the process of provisioning and operating distributed data systems for data science, self-service analytics or data warehousing optimization.

Today, data stewards, data engineers, architects, data scientists, and analysts are under pressure as they contend with existing and new applications, multiple logical and physical data stores and sources, diverse data types, and data spread across several deployment environments. Hortonworks DPS aims to help address the challenges of rapidly innovating through new technologies like machine learning, while keeping data safe and secure, and responding to a constantly changing regulatory landscape.

Hortonworks DPS includes core capabilities to control clusters, enable central security and governance, and integrate with all of an organization’s existing sources, including multiple clusters. The capabilities include data source integration to register and create data sources to allow consolidated access; a data services catalog for full configuration and management utilities for the enablement of new services; and security controls for full definition of security access controls including persona definitions.

According to the company, Hortonworks DPS is delivered as a service and leverages open source technologies to share and extend the value of a modern data architecture in heterogeneous environments. Consistent with Hortonworks’ approach to open source collaboration, this ensures compatibility with a broad array of data center technologies.

The pluggable architecture of Hortonworks DPS will allow for additional services from Hortonworks as well as partner services. The first extension from Hortonworks is the Data Lifecycle Manager. Data Lifecycle Manager manages the lifecycle of data assets and maintains context for use that complies with central security and governance policies. This service lets enterprises control and manage the lifecycle of data across multiple tiers, including replication and disaster recovery, reliable and efficient backup and restore, agile and automated tiering options to reduce costs and more efficient access to data sources.

Hortonworks plans to deliver additional extensible services that will plug into Hortonworks DPS such as the ability for users to understand, secure and govern data types consistently across enterprise data lakes, and the ability to deploy clusters to the cloud or specific workloads to different environments. Additionally, Hortonworks and IBM are working together to make IBM's Data Science Experience, Big SQL, Big Integrate and Big Quality services natively available within Hortonworks DPS. 

In addition, IBM will integrate its IBM Unified Governance Platform with Hortonworks DPS. When used in tandem, clients will be able to define, implement and operate enterprise-wide governance programs that simplify compliance and analytics.

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