Hortonworks Inks Deal to Acquire Onyara to Leverage 'IoAT' Data

Hortonworks, a provider of enterprise Hadoop, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Onyara, Inc., the creator of and key contributor to Apache NiFi, an open source project. The acquisition will make it easy for customers to automate and secure data flows and to collect, conduct and curate real-time business insights and actions derived from data in motion. As a result of the acquisition, Hortonworks is introducing Hortonworks DataFlow powered by Apache NiFi, which was made available through the NSA Technology Transfer Program in the fall of 2014. The acquisition is expected to close in the third quarter of 2015.

According to Hortonworks, a new data framework that includes data from machines, sensors, geo-location devices, social feeds, clickstreams, server logs and more is fueling the "Internet of Anything (IoAT)" and driving the need for trusted insights from data at the very edge to the data lake in real-time with full fidelity. Many IoAT applications need two way connections and security from the edge to the datacenter. This results in a "jagged edge" that increases the need for security but also data protection, governance and provenance. These applications also need access to both data in-motion and data at-rest.

The new Hortonworks DataFlow, powered by Apache NiFi, is intended to speed the flow of data in motion into HDP for full fidelity analytics, and, the company says, combined with the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), will give customers a holistic set of secure solutions to manage and find value in the increasing volume of streaming IoAT data.

"Hortonworks is focused on doing everything possible to enable our customers to transform their business through data-driven insights and actions," said Rob Bearden, chief executive officer at Hortonworks, in a statement released by the company. "Onyara's impressive work on security and simplicity in NiFi, combined with their commitment to open source makes for a perfect addition to our technology team."

Over the past 8 years, Onyara's engineers have been the key contributors to the U.S. government software project that evolved into Apache NiFi. In July 2015, NiFi became a Top-Level Project, signifying that its community and technology have been successfully governed under the Apache Software Foundation.

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