Hortonworks Introduces Data Steward Studio

Hortonworks, a provider of global data management solutions, is releasing Hortonworks Data Steward Studio (DSS), a new service that gives enterprises consistent security and governance.

With DSS, businesses will be more able to identify and evaluate trust levels of their data, collaborate securely, and democratize data across the enterprise with confidence.

This, in turn, allows businesses to derive better insights from more of the data living in all of their data lakes, whether they are located in on-premises data centers or in the cloud.

Customers can now get a comprehensive view of their data across data lakes that aggregate critical data assets.

With DSS, business users including analysts and data scientists have more freedom to confidently invest time in uncovering valuable business insights instead of cleansing data and worrying about the data's integrity.

DSS gives allows customers to organize and curate Data Globally based on a variety of criteria; discover, catalog, and search personal or sensitive data so that it can be classified and searched by business analysts and data scientists; simplify management and administration via asset collections grouped by characteristics such as data origin, value, protection level, sensitivity or functional use; analyze data lineage and impact to help data professionals comply with GDPR; and  secure data and metadata for a clear understanding of enterprise-wide authorization landscape and a single view of security policies, data protection status and any anonymization rules that have been defined.

To further enhance its vision for global data management, Hortonworks is also introducing updates to Data Lifecycle Manager (DLM) which delivers on the promise of hybrid cloud replication. The new version of DLM allows data to be encapsulated and copied seamlessly across the physical private storage and public cloud environments for full data mobility to enable the right workloads in the right environment for the right use case.

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