Hortonworks Releases Enterprise Data Warehouse Optimization Platform

Hortonworks, Inc, a provider of open and connected data platforms, is releasing its Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Optimization Solution, partnering with Syncsort and AtScale to deliver a powerful solution.

With the EDW Optimization Solution, customers can extend the value of existing EDW investments and overcome the challenges, risks, and costs of introducing new solutions into legacy infrastructure.

By packaging technology and expertise from Hortonworks, AtScale and Syncsort into a single solution, the EDW Optimization Solution accelerates the value customers realize from their data initiatives.

The EDW Optimization Solution includes Hortonworks’ core offering of HDP Support, as well as Syncsort’s DMX-h and AtScale’s Intelligence Platform, and is capable of storing and analyzing data of all types and from all sources.

“We believe this is bringing a ton of value to these kinds of companies,” said Piet Loubser, VP product and solutions marketing at Hortonworks.

With this solution, customers can make fast business intelligence on Hadoop, free up EDW capacity for more business-critical workloads, take advantage of cost-effective data archiving in Hadoop, and Enrich EDW data with new sources of corporate insight from web, social, the Internet of Things and more.

Business intelligence users and a variety of users in finance, marketing, sales, IT developers will benefit the most from this platform, according to Loubser.

The company will continue to build out these solutions that are aimed at accelerating the time to value, Loubser said.

“For us, that’s the next level of the journey for us on the software and platform side,” Loubser said. “It’s building more solutions. Some of the solution areas we are working on are in the domain of cyber security.”

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