HostBridge Beefs Up Optimization for CICS and System z

HostBridge Technology, a provider of web services integration software for CICS and System z, released a new version of software designed to help organizations increase efficiency and service agility when using CICS, CICS socket applications, and DB2 in enterprise integration.

HostBridge v6.62 – which complements recent enhancements in CICS TS V5.1 – include improvements such as a “more robust” HBz (HostBridge for zIIP) server, the vendor states. This component enables 100 percent of integration/Web services/SOA workloads to run on the zIIP.

“Our customers integrate CICS applications with Web, cloud, and mobile resources,” says Russ Teubner, CEO of HostBridge. “And they always look for better ways to increase efficiency and reduce TCO. To help achieve these objectives, we maintain strong relationships with IBM product groups and engineer our technologies to exploit the best IBM technologies. HostBridge v6.62 offers a range of enhancements to help CICS customers save time, cut costs, and make money.”

The new release includes tighter integration between HostBridge Socket Support and HBz server. Organizations replacing CICS Socket Support (EZASOKET) with HostBridge Socket Support shift MIPS to specialty engines, cut general processor MIPS consumption, and reduce mainframe TCO.

The new version also includes improved DB2 integration. The HostBridge Web Services Engine improves support for direct access to DB2, enabling organizations to integrate anything mainframe with anything distributed.

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