How to Adapt the Best Master Data Management Strategies

Organizations are moving towards self-service access to data and insights, to increase business agility and innovation.

During this journey many are facing challenges that are slowing down how businesses operate along with introducing a small learning curve.

DBTA recently held a webinar featuring Henk Alblas, IBM Canada Ltd., portfolio offering manager, IBM master data management, and Erik O'Neill, senior offering manager, MDM & Entity Analytics, IBM, who discussed new master data management capabilities from IBM to empower their organizations with discovery transformation, self-service access and collaboration to accelerate insights for the people and systems that needed it.

Organizations are increasingly likely to leverage MDM for core and multidomain use cases as well as new and innovative scenarios, according to Albas and O’Neill. Cloud-based MDM implementations are growing at above-market rates.

Requests for self-service master data consumption are growing and MDM Success depends on the overall solution/ data ecosystem.

IBMs master data management portfolio offers collaborative MDM, operational MDM, and reference data management. Master data is recognized as core corporate asset, according to Albas and O’Neill.

Some areas of focus the platform can handle include:

  • How to maximize the leverage an organization can get from MDM
  • How to be smarter to improve accuracy and quality
  • New ways to exchange data, master data

To leverage master data throughout the enterprise:

  • Make select master data available to the business
  • Graph based model for great flexibility and new insights
  • Correlation with additional information
  • Visualization of key entities and relationships
  • Feed for downstream Analytics or Big Data initiatives

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.